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The ultimate opportunity to create a culinary adventure that explores the entire world.

Andy Shea, Founder

Travel the world without leaving your home through our carefully curated and eclectic collection of incredible eats that you simply cannot find in the United States. For those adventurous Americans who seek understanding, discovery, diversity, and gastronomic exploration – we welcome you. Alien Recipes is your digital connection to a delicious world outside of the USA, offering exciting recipes, culinary exploration, and insightful cooking techniques that will delight your taste buds and expand your cultural horizons.

Whether you’re eager to make your own gochujang sauce or curious about cooking up some cau cau peruano – Alien Recipes will delight all of your senses and ignite your passion for delicious food, time-honored traditions, and celebrate the beauty of unyielding diversity found throughout the world. Best of all? No expensive trips to the specialty market. Every dish on Alien Recipes includes ingredients that you can buy at your local grocery market or online vendor. Simple, easy, and delicious.
We welcome you to the adventure!

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