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This nut – well, technically it is a fruit – falls to the ground in the autumn time, at which point you can harvest them for use in your next dish. In terms of flavor, it is very potent, but that does not stop people from hoovering them up by the thousands every year.

Some people use this nut for all sorts of purposes – you can use it on your skin to quell certain rashes, as well as keeping flies away from you. You can be certain that this is a wonderful organic alternative to pesticides.

All you have to do is separate the meat from the nuts themselves, making sure that you wash the nut clean before adding it to your recipe. They make a nice accompaniment to various noodle and rice dishes, turning a wonderful green color when they are fully cooked.

You should make sure that your nuts are well cleaned before you put them in your pot. A lot of cooks add these to desserts, with a rich and creamy texture that makes them a must-have addition to your vegan meal.

So where can you find these gingko nut recipes? How long will you have to cook this nut for? How much prep does this nut need? What are the potential health benefits of the gingko nut? Can you pick up one from your local supermarket?

Well, if you want an answer to these questions and some more, then come take a walk with us. We’ve got some absolutely to-die-for recipes, so why not gather some of these from your nearest tree and have a go at putting them in your next dish.

These are great for solo cooking as well as cooking for you and your guests.

What Is A Gingko Nut?

This seed is very rare, often found in Asian countries like Japan and China, although you can certainly find them in areas of North America and Europe too. We would recommend that you get these nuts from your local Asian supermarket or whole foods market.

These seeds are quite chewy, which is what makes them so appealing for use in your dessert or noodle dish. This nut is a very good source of pulses, which are great for combating things such as depression and anxiety.

The main reason people go for this nut is the rich and velvety texture, which can be seasoned with salt, which also makes it great for savory dishes.

We would recommend getting it from the supermarket, as the fruit around the nut can often be very pungent and not all that pleasant to eat.

You can even serve these as a standalone snack along with beers and wine, there is no limit to what you can do with these nuts.

Okay, so now we have given you just a few of the recipe ideas and nutritional values of your average gingko nut, it’s time for us to get to the most important part of the article: the recipes themselves.

Best Gingko Nuts Recipes

You should always remember that you have gingko nuts in limited quantities. An adult should have no more than 8 a day, with children having no more than 4.

This is because these nuts are loaded with plenty of copper, magnesium and plenty of other nutrients. Too much of these and you will find yourself getting very ill.

Toasted Gingko Nuts

This is perfect to enjoy with a wine or beer, with a salted flavoring that will really fill a whole in your hungry belly before you tuck into your main meal.

If you are thinking of watching the game with a few buds, then introducing the gingko nut is a great alternative to cashews or pine nuts.

All you need to do to cook this is put it on the skewer, sprinkle it with a liberal dose of salt before toasting it in the oven for around 2-3 minutes. This is a great snack not only for a simple taste, but it is also very quick to put together.

Gingko Nut Rice

This is another very simple recipe that you can put together very simply. All you need to do is throw some of these nuts in with your rice as you’re frying them in the pan. Make sure to add them later in the recipe, as these nuts tend to cook very quickly.

Pickled Lotus Root Salad With Gingko Nuts

This might take a little bit longer for you to prepare, as you will need to marinade the nuts for a long period of time. However, once you have thrown this together, you have plenty of crunchy and chewy textures that will absolutely be to die for.

You can add soy sauce to this dish for that extra kick. However, the fact that there are very few ingredients is what gives a lot of chefs and health freaks that incentive to make sure that they have everything that they need for a great meal.

Japanese Steamed Egg Custard

This one is great for the summer seasons, giving you a very cool recipe at the end of your long, hard working day. This is where the gingko nuts really come into their own, giving you everything that you need for a very rich and creamy texture.

Our Final Say

We hope that we have given you more than you need for a glimpse of the gingko nut. This food not only is very versatile, but it will give you a full stomach. Make sure that you remember when prepping this nut that you are aware of the super-fast cooking time.

We hope that the gingko nut has given you every bit of pleasure that it has for us!

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