Gluten Free Indian Food In San Francisco: The Top 6 Restaurants

Wondering if Indian food is the cuisine to turn to if you need to eat gluten-free? Well, you are in luck because some Indian dishes can naturally be prepared with gluten-free ingredients. Most favorites and staples of Indian cuisine include rice, fresh vegetables, and meats alongside legumes and amazing Indian spices. Pair the flavor-packed Indian cuisine with the multicultural city of San Francisco, and you may find yourself in gluten-free heaven. However, we know that spotting the best gluten-free Indian food in San Francisco can be tricky, which is why this list will help you find Indian restaurants serving gluten-free options scattered around the city. This list is here to help remove the stress of finding gluten-free friendly Indian food – making it less daunting and more enjoyable to relax and dine out.

1. Masala Dosa

At the top of our list is Masala Dosa, a restaurant that offers both Southern and Northern cuisine, with plenty of gluten-free alternatives. Located down 9th Ave, this Indian restaurant prepares delicious, authentic Indian cuisine with plenty of healthy alternatives, including gluten-free dishes and menu items. The use of fresh ingredients and Indian staples makes finding gluten-free Indian food in San Francisco easy and enjoyable at Masala Dosa.

Whether you prefer a gluten-free diet or live with celiac disease, Masala Dosa is the place that makes your dining out experience easy and fuss-free. The restaurant prepares a range of delicious gluten-friendly foods, including samosas, lamb korma, tandoori chicken, a range of curries, and dosas. Dining at Masala Dosa doesn’t mean snacking on only appetizers. Instead, a whole family meal can be enjoyed without the feeling of missing out. Many guests appreciate the broad gluten-free menu, with plenty of delicious and satisfying options. If you fall in love with not only the gluten-free Indian foods but also the regional foods at Masala Dosa, perhaps trying South Indian food in San Francisco could be your next adventure in tasting the many flavors of Indian cuisine.

2. Rooh

We all know those comforting and popular dishes found on Indian menus. From biryanis, butter chicken, naan bread, and delicious meats. However, at Rooh, you won’t find those replicas – not entirely anyway. Located in the Soma District, Rooh is a restaurant that serves the intense traditional Indian flavors combined with the seasonality and freshness of local produce. At Rooh, you will find an element of tradition, creativity as well as gluten-free friendly options.

From using chickpea flour as an alternative to dedicated fryers for gluten-free friendly options – Rooh takes great care to ensure that even those with gluten sensitivities can enjoy delicious, tasty Indian cuisine. Guests have found themselves ordering multiple gluten-free friendly tapas and dishes, describing the food as phenomenal. Rooh makes searching for gluten-free Indian food in San Francisco exciting due to the creativity and authenticity that goes into each dish. But with Indian food, we always tend to want more. Dining at Rooh may encourage you to venture out further and have a taste of other home-cooked Indian food delivery in San Francisco – except this time, enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

3. Dum, Indian Soul Food

What’s better than eating comforting, delicious, home-style foods created with love and passion by contemporary and professional chefs? Well, that is exactly what you will find at Dum, an Indian Soul Food restaurant located down 24th Street, San Francisco. Not only is Dum a restaurant establishment, but it also hosts a food truck service with its own unique locations and schedules. Whether you are dining in, taking away, or eating street-style, this gluten-free Indian restaurant in San Francisco could be your next go-to spot.

With all the tasty Indian flavors, Dum is known to accommodate gluten sensitivities while maintaining the soulful and delicious flavors of Indian food. Some of the creative and delicious gluten-free menu items at Dum include their kale chaat, shrimp curry, tandoori whole cauliflower, or the vegetable korma. Why stop there? This Indian restaurant has a much broader menu, and the choice is as fuss-free as you can get. The gluten-free option items are clearly marked, making them an easy choice. But – if you are still not sold on eating out, then Indian food delivery in San Francisco has you covered with options on ordering. Let’s be honest, a cozy night at home with a delivered, warm meal can often be very tempting.

4. Dancing Yak

Looking for a traditional yet contemporary Indian restaurant? With the addition of gluten-free alternatives? Well, Dancing Yak is the place for you. Located on Valencia St, this restaurant has been around since 2018, offering some great gluten-free Indian Food in San Francisco. Since its opening, Dancing Yak has introduced not only authentic and traditional food but food that is presented in a modern style. With a wide selection of gluten-free Indian foods, a dining experience at Dancing Yak can be nothing but memorable.

Finding a dedicated gluten-free Indian restaurant does not have to be troublesome, especially when Dancing Yak is around. Their menu offers a wide-ranging selection of gluten-free items, all of which look very tempting! From spicy cauliflower or lamb chop starters and moving on to dhading chicken or baigun makhani with a buckwheat roti or choice of rice on the side, you will not be leaving even slightly hungry. Guests at Dancing Yak have found the food to be amazing and delicious, with the staff known to be knowledgeable about cross-contamination questions. This restaurant is also vegan friendly, serving multiple delicious vegan dishes. If adding more vegan dishes to your dining out experience is on your bucket list, then Vegan Indian food in San Francisco can show you the way to some amazing Indian, vegan-friendly spots around the city.

5. Saffron Grill

Great restaurants are known to become somewhat of a local treasure, and San Francisco is surely filled with many favorites. Venture down Fulton Street, and you will find Saffron Grill, an Indian-inspired grill restaurant. Serving all the known favorites, this restaurant sets itself apart by importing exotic and flavorful spices to create authentic Indian dishes while also embracing the fusion of other Indian regions and their foods. Even though this is not an entirely gluten-free dedicated restaurant, Saffron Grill does offer dedicated gluten-friendly options so that even those with sensitivities can enjoy the deliciously grilled and beautifully cooked Indian foods.

By dining at San Francisco’s Saffron Grill, you may find that the spices and sauces are some of the best around. What’s more, Saffron Grill has been around for ten years, and the staff is passionate about its ability to combine regional cuisines to create memorable food experiences. The staff are knowledgeable about gluten-free items and are there to help. Guests have found their gluten-free paneer makhani, sag paneer, yellow dal, and aloo gobi coming as only a few of the favorites. If Saffron Grill leads you onto the path of trying more fusion foods, then Indian fusion food in San Francisco can point you in the right direction of tasting many regional-inspired foods.

6. Mission Curry House

What’s an authentic Indian meal without naan bread? While all the curries and biryanis satisfy our cravings, there is something special about a side of warm and delicious naan to complement the entire experience. Luckily at Mission Curry House, you can enjoy a side of gluten-friendly naan bread without worry. Located down Mission Street in San Fran, this Indian restaurant serves up traditional, comforting, and flavor-packed meals that are not only vegetarian or vegan friendly but also gluten-free. With so many cuisines around the city, it is no wonder that this gluten-free Indian restaurant in San Francisco has made the list for those sensitive to gluten. 

Since Indian cuisine is naturally prepared with plenty of gluten-free ingredients, the highly skilled chefs at Mission Curry House are happy to adjust a dish to a dedicated gluten-free option. From the comforting curries that we love to dosas and other vegetable-based meals, most guests are particularly impressed with the amazing gluten free-bun and naans. The staff is knowledgeable about cross contamination which makes a visit for gluten-free diners to Mission Curry House that bit more comforting. However, if you plan to host your own Indian cuisine dining experience, Indian food catering in San Francisco gives you suggestions on the best spots for catering around SF. And if gluten is a worry for you, most Indian cuisine is naturally gluten friendly – so you can rest knowing that a dedicated gluten-free alternative is always a possibility.

Indian Restaurants and gluten-free dining tips

  • Fried Foods – Ask the waiter if gluten-free items are cooked in their own dedicated fryer.
  • Spices – Most Indian spices are naturally gluten-free. However, for peace of mind, let the waiter know about your sensitivity to gluten to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Kofta – Meatballs could contain breadcrumbs or gluten-containing fillers.
  • Naan and other Indian bread – Not all Indian bread is gluten-free, but some restaurants prepare gluten-friendly bread.

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