Indian Food Delivery in San Francisco: The 5 Best Restaurants

Some of the best dishes that exist in the world today can be gotten from India. And it’s no surprise that people from all over the world crave Indian delicacies. If you are searching for top-quality Indian Food Delivery in San Francisco, then you’ve come to the right place.

We all savor some of that delicious Indian cuisine, whether it’s the delicious Palak Paneer or the quite delectable dal makhani oberoi style. Whatever your choice, we shouldn’t have to be denied great Indian food because we are a little far from home. 

These are some of the best restaurants offering delicious Indian food delivery in San Francisco. If for some reason, you can not seem to order Indian groceries online to do your own cooking, then these restaurants have got you covered:

1. Rose Indian Cuisine

Kick-starting our list of the best restaurants that offer top-quality Indian food delivery in San Francisco, we have got Rose Indian Cuisine. A beautiful restaurant that aims to create an everlasting bond with their customers.

They are quite reputable in their craft as they aim to bring contemporary Indian dishes that are both affordable and mouth-watering to the residents of San Francisco, California. All the ingredients used by them in cooking are outsourced by them from local farmers residing in California.

This is done to ensure that only the best of the best spices are used when making mouth-watery meals. When it comes to their service, well, they are quite Eco friendly as they make use of only compostable containers. 

Their head chef Om Kandel is quite experienced. Having worked with many star chefs on Michelin, he is dedicated to bringing great quality food and service to customers.

Their Indian food delivery service in San Francisco, California is top-notch, as they get delivered to your doorstep in record time. They also cater special events, so have them in mind.

I recommend you try out their Himalayan Specials like the Momo chili chicken or the Everest chicken momo, these two delicacies made my love for chicken to soar. 

2. Curry leaf 

This is another high-quality restaurant that offers great quality Indian cuisines In San Francisco. They are quite new, having been established in 2014. However, their dedication to producing Pakistani and Indian food is truly remarkable.

The Curry leaf takes pride in using high-quality Pakistani and Indian spices when creating truly outstanding dishes, and these dishes can be customized to fit your refined taste, all to ensure that you never have a bad experience when dining at Curry leaf.

Indian Foods at Curry Leaf

Their food delivery is really good, as they are one of the best when it comes to Indian food delivery in San Francisco. The way in which their food is presented speaks volumes of how seriously they take their packaging, and it is quite impressive. 

Some of their signature dishes would be the Lamb curry and the Saag Paneer. However, I do highly recommend you try the Chicken Curry or the Chicken Vindaloo (might be because I am a fan of well-prepared chicken incorporated dishes, but these two delicacies really sat well with me).

Another cool thing about Curry leaf is their quality of service. All their staffs are quite friendly and so are their Chefs. 

3. Deccan House

Deccan House is next on our list of the best restaurants that offer quality Indian food delivery in San Francisco. First off, I have to commend the service. Their staffs are truly reliable and top-notch, and judging by all the reviews I have seen, their Indian food home delivery in San Francisco does not disappoint.

One lovely thing about Deccan House is the way they combine traditional values with a fine dining experience worthy of global recognition. They achieve this by offering a massive selection of electrifying yet scrumptious Indian cuisines while still offering a beautiful yet rusty experience that is just perfect for you. 

Customer satisfaction is a goal for Deccan House. This is quite evident from the number of steady positive reviews they get. From their mouth-watering vegetarian dishes such as the Malai Kofta and Cashew Curry to their delicious Non-vegetarian dishes such as Hyderabadi Koorma and Samosa, their menu is to die for. 

4. Chaat Corner

Taking up the number 4 spot on our list is a top-notch catering service that delivers tasty Indian cuisines to you. Chaat Corner has earned quite a reputation. Located in the heart of San Francisco, they pride themselves on a massive selection of Indian entrees that are both delicious and budget-friendly.

The Chaat Corner catering team consists of well-experienced people with a strong passion and dedication to guaranteeing Customer satisfaction. They tend to focus on catering for special occasions and events such as fundraisers, birthdays, social celebrations, and so much more. But they also do home deliveries.

Their menu is filled with a lot of delicious dishes, but my recommendations would most likely be the Samosa Chaat and the Minin Samosa with Cholay.  All in all, I can say I was quite impressed with the service rendered by Chaat Corner, and the reviews don’t lie: they truly offer some of the best Indian food delivery in San Francisco.

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5. Kasa Indian Eatery 

Finishing our list, we have got Kasa Indian Eatery. They are top tier when it comes to Indian food delivery in San Francisco. Something quite cool about Kasa is the fact that the whole goal is to showcase India’s vibrant colors, flavors, and culture through its amazing and scrumptious delicacies.

With Kasa, you can get great-tasting meals at an affordable rate and quite quickly. Their service staffs are very reliable, so you can be guaranteed a 100% customer service. 

Although their menu is quite limited, they are quite a lot of delicious meals that you definitely would love. One of my top recommendations at Kasa Indian Eatery would be the Super Kati Roll and the Samosa Chaat (There is something about the Samosa Chaat that just keeps me wanting more).

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