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The 5 Best Indian Food Trucks in San Francisco

Just for one second, forget about all the restaurants and dine-in experiences because there is food on the move to catch up with – that is, food trucks. While it is wonderful to enjoy all the comforts of eating out, why not fully immerse yourself into the Indian food truck experience where the food is still delicious but served street style. We know that it can be tricky to track down the best Indian food trucks in San Francisco, which is why this list is here to help you find what the city has to offer. Here are some Indian street eats for you to check out while you’re in town.

Dum – Indian Soul Food

Dum San Francisco is a food truck serving Indian Soul Food made by chefs who cook what they grew up eating at home. The food at Dum is a modern interpretation of classic Indian flavors that is healthy yet satisfies those comforting and soulful vibes. Food trucks are roaming creatures, and Dum is great at sharing their schedule and locations around San Francisco. The truck can also be booked for private parties and corporate events which means that their delicious culinary mashups can be enjoyed just about anywhere.

The truck menu at Dum includes some all-time favorites such as the chicken or lamb biryani as well as other delicious items such as the spinach & chickpea kati roll and dahi puri. Some of the customers who frequently visit Dum are impressed that with all other Indian street food in San Francisco, now you can enjoy Indian food trucks in San Francisco as well. Guests at the Dum food truck love the reasonable prices and selection of Indian goodies or snacks packed with all of the flavors of India. 

Thali on Wheels

Offering some of the best Indian takeout foods is Thali on Wheels, an Indian food truck in San Francisco that specializes in homemade vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian specialties, including a customized menu and seasonal cuisine. Located on Mission Bay, Thali on Wheels specializes in, of course – thalis, typical Indian lunch plates consisting of curries, sauces, salads, and bread.

At Thali on Wheels, you can find delicious versions of South Indian classics like dosa and other Indian street food. Those who have visited Thali on Wheels have found their food to be delicious, great quality with vegan options available, and true to an authentic Indian menu. Thai on Wheels is a great find, the perfect spot to enjoy a delightful lunch and a space to eat tasty Indian cuisine. This food truck is open for outdoor dining, so why not enjoy some of the best Indian food – street style.

Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now is the largest growing Indian food truck in North America, known for its innovative spin on traditional Indian cuisine. Like most food trucks, this Indian food truck is always on the move. Luckily you can always track their location and see where to find the spot nearest to you. This food truck is the place to experience Indian street-style food – with a modern twist, making it well worth it.

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At Curry Up Now, you can find refreshing drinks such as the mango Lasa or house-made chai to go with the delicious snacks and meals. Curry up Now has come up with flavor-packed bowls, including vegan bowls, a tikka masala bowl, keto bowls, and a paleo bowl. This food truck also specializes in creating naughty naan, which has quickly become a customer favorite. Guests at Curry Up Now love their exotic, fusion flavors, with the tikka masala and sweet potato fries being some of their favorite foods.


Mantraah food truck serves fresh, vegetarian, organic Indian street food made with locally sourced ingredients. Located down Paseo Padre Pkwy, this Indian food truck in San Francisco embraces freshness as the central ingredient of their food creations.

Mantraah takes great care in catering to all diet alternatives, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. This food truck is the place to find healthy alternatives while enjoying wholesome Indian cuisine. Some of their home-style foods include lamb thali, curries, and plenty of vegetarian options. Most customers appreciate the affordability of the food as well as some of the Indian classics and Indian desserts – served street style. However, if your mind is set on exploring other alternatives – Indian food near Union Square in San Francisco has some great options to indulge in. 


Another food on wheels spot to tick off your list is Annakoot. This Indian cuisine spot can be found by the Golden Gate Park, where it is known for delivering flavor-packed, gourmet food, with tables and chairs set up to enjoy the scenery. At Annakoot, everything from the traditional Indian meal to street food snacks is prepared fresh, using the best ingredients, delivering those exotic and flavor-packed foods in every dish.

The must-try at Annakoot is their fresh vegetables, pressed into bite-sized balls, covered in a cashew coconut curry alongside basmati rice and freshly baked naan. Their samosa and chai combo is a recommended favorite from many customers, who have also enjoyed the wholesome curries, bite-sized samosas, and fried pakora. If you’re still stuck on choosing a place to eat, check out Indian food delivery in San Francisco to help you find the best take-home option.

San Francisco Indian Food Trucks: What’s next?

Given that food trucks have become a haute cuisine in their own right, it is no surprise that some of the best Indian food trucks in San Francisco can be found scattered around the city. While we have given you a list of our 5 best Indian Food Trucks in San Francisco, there are always more Indian food trucks to keep up with. Below is a list of a few other bonus food trucks to check out.

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