Top 10 Healthy Indian Food Delivery Service in the US Review

Cooking food might feel like a daunting task when you came home after a long hectic day. Do you think the same? As in today’s hustle-bustle, where both wife and hubby are working professionals, you usually get little time to cook food during the week. What should you do then?

The truth is you’re not the only one who is in such a troubling situation. As a working woman, I know it would be quite difficult for you to manage all the tasks such as organizing the home, laundry, cooking, looking after kids, and long working hours. Hectic schedule, isn’t it?

Talking about myself, I don’t mind cooking at all. I love cooking Japanese and traditional Peruvian stews over the weekend. But sometimes, due to certain circumstances, I became helpless and can’t cook food on my own. So, I found the best food delivery services that deliver tasty Indian meals. Let’s explore together.

Best Indian Food Delivery Service in the USA

Living in the states, how can you enjoy desi taste? What are the best meal delivery services that provide healthy and nutritious meals to your doorsteps? Read this article till the end to order delicious Indian cuisines for your family.

Here is a list of the top 10 Indian Food Delivery Services that are available in the US.

  1. Jashan Catering
  2. Bombay Takeout
  3. Haldi Bay
  4. Tiffin Blog
  5. Turmeric n More
  6. Sukhmani Foods
  7. Super Fine Tiffins
  8. Tiffin Bay
  9. The Indian Tiffin Company
  10. Tasty Tides

1. Jashan Catering

Are you struggling with the food dilemma of what to cook for lunch today? Jashan Catering is the perfect spot from where you can order Indian meals in the USA.

The best part is they deliver freshly cooked nutritional meals prepared with organic ingredients. No More Boring Food, Enjoy New Menu Every Week! The Good news is Jashan Catering provides Nationwide delivery except for Hawaii and Alaska. Also, they offer delivery on orders above $65 in a few states.

Hence, if you are looking for quality food to be delivered at your doorstep, order it through Jashan catering right now. You will undoubtedly enjoy the experience. 

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2. Bombay Takeout

Are you unable to cook food daily? Looking for a nutritious Indian meal? Bombay Takeout is the right option for you as they provide home-cooked Indian food. Bombay Take out offers high-quality, nutritious food at your doorstep.

If you want to get rid of junk food and switch to a healthy option, then Bombay Takeout is the best option for you. They are well-known for delivering high-quality Indian food in the USA.

Bombay Takeout offers tiffin delivery service to Manhattan, Hoboken, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Bronx, Weehawken, North Bergen, Newport, Secaucus, and surrounding areas in northern NJ and NYC.

Are you not living in the mentioned above cities? Are you searching for an Indian food delivery service? No problem! Click here.

The best thing about Bombay Takeout is that they cook the food on the delivery day. Yes, it will not be frozen at all. All you have to do is to warm up the meal and enjoy it. Visit their Tiffin Plans page to order from their extensive menu. No compromise on health and quality!

3. Haldi Bay

Looking for a 100% vegetarian home-made Indian food delivery service in the USA? Haldi Bay is the right choice for you. They deliver freshly cooked meals packed in insulated and chilled boxes to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Want to give up carbs in a healthy way? Order food from Haldi Bay as they use minimal fats and oil and deliver delicious meals made of pure spices and high-quality ingredients. Let’s eat clean with Haldi Bay!

4. Tiffin Blog

Are you looking for an Indian food delivery service in your area that offers good quality hygienic Indian food? Tiffin blog food service is the most attentive service that is also very close to my heart. They send food in microwavable packaging.

They deliver vegan and Halal-friendly meals to Brooklyn, Central New Jersey, Downtown Manhattan, Manhattan East Side, Manhattan West Side, Northern New Jersey, Queens, The Bronx, and USCE Brooklyn.

No matter how busy your routine is, order your food from your favorite food delivery service. Moreover, you can order fully customizable meals if you have any allergies or following a strict diet plan. The meal is very close to what our mothers or we cook at home.

Let’s make mealtime convenient with Tiffin Blog!

5. Turmeric n More

If you are looking for affordable traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisines in Seattle, nothing can beat Turmeric n More. You can order weekly meals from their menu items.

Turmeric n More is the best tiffin service in Seattle. They use certified Halal meat and fresh spices and vegetables in their dishes. They facilitate working professionals by delivering healthy food at their doors.

See reviews about Turmeric n More here. Give it a try; you’re going to love it. Satisfy your craving with Turmeric n More!

6. Sukhmani Foods

Like me, are you a working woman too? Things not working out for you, what to do? I get that. I think you’re looking for hygienic home-made food to be delivered at your doorstep.

Am I right? Sukhmani Foods is the Homestyle Indian tiffin delivery service providing services in the Southern Connecticut area in around 20 states. They deliver high-quality food at your doorstep. Let’s enjoy great flavors with Sukhmani Foods!

Want to shed a few pounds? Of course, yes. Order non-oily healthy meal from Sukhmani Foods, and meet weight loss goals without dieting. They are known for delivering fresh food, good portions, affordable and highly professional service­­- everything one might be looking for in a food delivery service. Jump to Sukhmani food for tantalizing meals.

You will enjoy their food as it is highly nutritious and offers great taste.

7. Super Fine Tiffins

Are you searching for an exceptional desi food delivery service in New York? Don’t get panicked. Instead, order tasty Indian food from SuperFine Tiffins. Their extensive menu includes appetizers, desserts, vegetarian, and vegan, and chicken meals. Check out their story here.

Their food is high in quality and offers the best taste in town. You will certainly enjoy it. Let’s enjoy traditional Indian meals with SuperFine Tiffins!

Are you looking for more recommendations in New Jersey and New York to enjoy the less spicy meals? Click here for fantastic meals.

8. Tiffin Bay

Let’s explore one of the best healthy Indian food delivery services in the Bay Area. Yes, I am talking about Tiffin Bay.  The best available option in this area.

If you’re looking for the fantastic, prompt delivery, try it out for once. They cook tasty meals and deliver right at your door. You will enjoy their food as it is incredibly nutritious and offers the best taste.

Additionally, their meals are high in fiber and proteins, while being low in calories. Let’s order tasty meals for our family!

9. The Indian Tiffin Company

Are you consuming fast food due to a busy lifestyle? Looking for healthy meals for dinner? If yes, then The Indian Tiffin Company is the ultimate solution to your problem.

They provide Homestyle meal that has balanced proportions of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. They offer dinner services to Newport, Grove Street, and Exchange place. If you’re looking for authentic and original Indian cuisines, this meal service is for you.

10. Tasty Tides

Tasty tides are known for providing high quality Indian, Pakistani, & South Asian meals and fresh veggies at your doorstep. They update their menu every week and deliver freshly cooked meals at your doorstep. The price of their meals starts at $9.

They are known for providing high-quality, nutritious meals in New Jersey and New York. Their meal is prepared by housewives in a completely hygienic environment and is incredibly healthy.

You can try their services as they are the market leaders in providing the best quality healthy South Asia meals and tiffin service in the US. To order food through tasty tides, click here right now.

Final Remarks

In this busy modern life, cooking food at home is not easy at all. Especially if you and your spouse are doing a full-time job in the US, then preparing food becomes quite a challenging task. In such a situation, the best thing that can be done is to order healthy and nutritious food at home.

In the above article, we have discussed the ten best Indian food delivery services in the United States. If you’re an immigrant or a working professional, you can choose any of the meal delivery services from the list.

All of the services mentioned above are well-known for delivering high-quality Indian food in the US. Hence, you can choose the one that most suits your requirements based on your area location and budgeting. 

Let’s eat better! Order healthy and delicious meals for your special occasions. Enjoy!

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