Top 3 Indian Grocery Store In San Francisco Reviews

San Francisco is one of the most diverse cities in the USA because it is filled with many immigrants who have become locals in the city. These locals are from countries that are culturally-rich in terms of cuisine and history. That’s why it’s no wonder that some of these locals have set up grocery stores that can cater to their home cuisines.

Indian Cuisine is one of the famous cuisines in this city as there is a significant percentage of the Indian population against the city’s total population. Even local Americans have tried their dishes and enjoyed the meals too. The popularity of the cuisine has led to the establishment of Indian grocery stores in San Francisco. Although the number of Indian grocery stores in San Francisco is smaller compared to that in Sunnyvale, the stores in San Francisco are just as capable of the stores in Sunnyvale. The accessibility of Indian grocery items also makes cooking enthusiasts excited because it means that they can cook their favorite dishes at their homes at their desired time.

Below are the three Indian grocery stores in San Francisco that have the availability of a wide variety of ingredients, have a low price, and offer excellent customer experience as shared by their customers based on reviews and feedback to the stores. The stores below have consistently provided San Francisco locals with high-quality products and efficient service. If you are looking for Indian ingredients to be used on the next dish that you’ll be cooking, try visiting any of the stores below and check out their high-quality products:

Jai Ho Indian Grocery Store

Location: 1462 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturday (11:15 am to 8:00 pm) and Sunday (11:15 am to 6:00 pm)

Best Known For:

  • Availability of Diverse Products
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Reasonable Products Prices
  • Availability and Ease of Parking
  • Great Naan Selection

Being a family-owned business, Jai Ho Indian Grocery Store’s employees are helpful and warm to the customers. They answer questions regarding product substitutes and can give you recommendations of products to buy if you don’t have any specific brand in mind. Also, if it’s your first time cooking a dish from Indian cuisine, the staff can give you some tips too. Below are some of the best offerings of this grocery store:

  1. Great Selection of Basic Indian Ingredients. This store is loved by many locals in San Francisco. They are filled with lots of selections for every type of ingredient that you’ll need, whether it’s sauces for tikkas and curries, paneers, noodles, or rice.
  • Fresh Herbs and Spices. The store prides in the availability of fresh curry leaves and even non-garlic spices – enabling many locals to cook dishes to their desired taste and give a chance to those who are just starting to learn about cooking Indian cuisine.
  • Low prices. The prices of Jai Ho Grocery store are comparable with those stores in Sunnyvale – where there are far more Indian grocery stores. If you’re shopping with a limited budget, you won’t need to worry when shopping in Jai Ho grocery as most of the prices of the products are comparable to most Indian grocery stores in California.
  • Well stocked. The store is well stocked up with various ingredients for Indian dishes, and they always replenish in time.
  • A Complete Store. Because of the large volume of stock and diverse products, locals also consider Jai Ho Indian Grocery Store as a complete store – a place where you can find everything you’ll need to experience Indian cuisines fully.

Indian Spices and Grocery

assorted fruits and vegetables

Location: 3265 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (11:00 am to 8:00 pm)

Best Known For:

  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Ready-To-Eat-Food.
  • Reasonably Priced Products
  • With Bike-Racks and Parking Lot
  • Well Stocked Dry Products and Vegetables

Indian Spices and Groceries is a relatively new store and is considered a gift for those who have been wanting to buy Indian ingredients in the area. The common feedback of the customers is the excellent customer service offered by the staff and the diversity of the products displayed on their shelves. If you’ve been looking for a store that imports authentic Indian grocery items within the area, this store is the answer. Here are some more features offered by the Indian Spices and Groceries:

  1. Authentic Indian Grocery Items. The items sold by the store are authentic Indian ingredients imported. The grocery items displayed on their shelves are of different types (organic and non-organic) and sizes. Most of the basic ingredients, such as masala and paneer, are also sold by multiple brands, giving shoppers more options. More importantly, the ingredients they sell give the dishes an authentic taste of Indian cuisine.
  • Competitive Prices of Products. The products sold are reasonably priced. They are not too expensive, considering that there is a limited number of the Indian grocery stores in San Francisco in comparison to those in Sunnyvale. The prices of the products offered by the store are within the reasonable price range of the products, so if you’re planning to shop here – no need to worry!
  • Availability of Non-Indian Grocery Items. Most locals who shop here can also buy non-Indian grocery items such as canned tomatoes and almond milk. They are available within the store and saves the customers the time to go to another store to buy their non-Indian grocery needs.  Customers who have shopped there noted that this convenience has helped them save time and the hassle of traveling to another grocery store just to buy other items.
  • Frozen Food Availability.  The availability of frozen food is also another prized feature of this store – it enables shoppers to get what they need without traveling far quickly. For those who like to buy grocery items every week, this is helpful as most of the stocks are replenished weekly.
  • Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff.  The staff of Indian Spices and Groceries are accommodating and filled with knowledge, especially when you have a question about a specific ingredient or if you’re looking for a substitute for a particular product. The manager of the store himself is approachable and likes to welcome their customers.

Salama Bazaar Indian Groceries

Location: 603 Geary Street, San Francisco CA 94102

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (1:00 pm to 8:00 pm)

Best Known For:

  • Fresh Paneer and Yogurt
  • Pre-Packaged Curries
  • Flexible Modes of Payment
  • Centralized Location
  • Dry Goods Availability

Salama Bazaar Indian Groceries is a cozy but little store that offers Indian, Pakistani and Nepali ingredients. Most customers applaud it for its diverse selection, fresh produce, and availability of even rare spices and grains. Although the store is compact, the shelves are organized and have the essential ingredients for Indian cuisine. To know more about what this shop has to offer, see the grocery’s best offerings as highlighted by the customers who had firsthand experience shopping in Salama Bazaar Indian Groceries:

  1. Various Modes of Payment Accepted. Consumers who prefer to pay cashless will surely enjoy the modes of payment offered by this shop. Salama Bazaar Indian Groceries accept Apply Pay and even major credit cards as long as the transaction is $10 minimum, enabling consumers to procure their grocery needs with the use of their most convenient payment.
  • Fresh Produce and Vegetables. Produce, and vegetables are available and considered as high quality because of its freshness and frequent replenishment. Most customers who shop in the downtown area and are looking for Indian grocery items are highly satisfied with the products the vegetables and produce they bought here.
  • Brand Diversity. For goods such as paneer and yogurt – customers have more options to choose from with the different brands – some products even have up to four variants that customers can choose from. The availability of the different brands helps customers to refine the taste of the dish they want to create and even gives them the flexibility to adjust accordingly to their budget.
  • Strategic Location. Located in the downtown, customers won’t have a difficult time finding this place and don’t even have to travel far – especially if they’re visiting other shops within the area. The location also makes it accessible to locals enabling them to get what they need, especially if they’re in a rush.
  • Welcoming and Accommodating Staff. Like with other cuisine stores, the staff of Salama Bazaar Groceries is helpful when it comes to customers inquiring about the availability of products and substitution. This store is also beneficial for cooking enthusiasts who want to explore a new cuisine – they just have to ask the staff some recommendation, and they will likely have a whole shopping list in their hand.

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